Tuesday 18th January 2022


Family, Friends, Bowls and those special occasions

A keen bowler and member of the Rivington Bowling Club "all my life", successful businessman Neil Taylor has reduced his time spent in the corporate world to rekindle the club which holds a special place in his heart and secure its future. Memories of Bowling Picnics, family and friends... and so many summer's evenings with the sun setting across the Lake, the Rivington Village Club and Tea Room lies at the heart of the community.

Local people having local fun and enjoying local fare, whilst welcoming visitors into the fold, make this a truly special place. Couple that with a setting by the lake, next door to the C16th Rivington Church, nestled in the heart of an area of outstanding natural beauty... and all overseen by the Rivington Pike; a truly amazing place.

Built around 1910, generations of club members have now passed through. Memorials to those members killed or missing in action can be found in the Bar and Tea room facilities. As can a rare Remembrance Memorial sent to praise the efforts of the Rivington Bowling Club membership in the War. The heritage of the club is wrapped in the community... "My Granddad’s buried next door" chirped a young Greeley into the conversation, keen to share his own heritage but not his Family’s Pie recipe!